Demon Cats Collective

Demon Cats is a new racing collective being introduced with the purpose of bringing together the District  couriers for whom the bike is not only a tool for the job, but also a tool for mind relax and racing. We are disparate characters who have raced in  "sanctioned" mountain bike, cycloc-cross and road events with some degree of success or failure, but whose real race of choice is the alleycat.

We started as group of courier friends who seemed to be racing at D.C alleycats with regularity. Races like the orginal Mayhems in D.C. We became the "Dead City Ghost", a courier "gang" formed to race in the "Warriors" alleycat in NYC in August 2002. The team consisted of Kevin Dillard, Indica(no last name), Sebastian Culbreth, Mark Daniels, John Dinn, Christian Myers, Stan(no last name). Jay(no last name) was on our team.

 I had been toying around with free photo posting websites for a growing collection of D.C.Ghosts photos (six galleries so far) and I had been toying with a new name for the Ghosts and while reading a book about ghosts in D.C. had come across the Demon Cat. After going back and forth, we decided to take on the name Demon Cats. The Demon Cat, also known simply as D.C., is a feline demon who lurks in the shadows of the deepest basements in the U.S. Captiol building. He is known to appear on the eve of a national catastrophe or during the change of administration. He appears to the solitary guard or janitor, at first appearing small and friendly, but as he approaches he grows in size and menace. His eyes turns to flames and as he attacks the lone victim, he vanishes into thin air.
Like a courier, appearing and disappearing in the blink of a pedestrian's eye.


Racing for Victory and Beer  


John Dinn






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I want to hear from you, if you have a alleycat of bike race, a event of any kind. Bike makers, clotheriers,photographer, musicians, if you got something to show and say, just give me a shout. and I will do my best to get it out.


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